Jan’s research on ETFs for robotics, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies

After the last Share Club meeting featuring the topic of driverless cars, Jan, a Share Club Exec, has kindly provided his research into ETFs following robotics and artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies.

His material is posted here on his Ottawa Share Club member page.

Don’t forget, much more OSC member and guest content is available here.


Author: Michael


1 thought on “Jan’s research on ETFs for robotics, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies”

  1. Thanks very much Jan for posting this material. Always appreciated… I was curious about the ARK funds, they have picked up a bunch of assets quickly (judging from the last semi-annual reports dated Feb 2017) and the ETF.com database reports I surfed this morning. Not saying I won’t dabble in this field in the future, but I laughed out loud at this text in the ETF.com report on ARKK:

    “The recently launched ARKK follows an active “all of the above” approach. The fund combines the strategies of the three other thematic funds issued by ARK: genomic revolution, industrial innovation and Web x.0. ARKK is full of cutting-edge—maybe bleeding-edge—firms ripped from the headlines, like Tesla Motors, Intuitive Surgical and Alibaba. However, the fund’s mandate seems to be so broad as to include nearly any company that might benefit from new technologies, even Disney and Charles Schwab. ARKK can’t be called cheap, but is on par with some other niche ETFs.”

    Contrary opinions on new investment themes are part of life; but I guess the right answer for me will be to dip my toes in the water and remain in the core market sectors for the majority of assets…


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