Investment resources

Here are some of the sites and services that we like. Note these are not formal endorsements and we receive no compensation for their mention:


  • Abnormal Returns – A source of well-selected and wide-ranging articles for tracking broad ideas and trends as well as investment information.
  • A Wealth of Common Sense – Topical personal finance reading and podcast that is usually thought provoking.
  • Steven Brown’s Retirement Forecaster Tool, as updated by Ottawa Share Club member Brad, can be found on Brad’s page here. It’s an excellent tool for running retirement scenarios.
  • CNN Money – Pre-market Trading – I enjoy getting a sense of how the US markets might behave for the day.
  • Crossing Wall Street – I receive the weekly email report and enjoy reading the succinct market commentary about the US. A blog is also available.
  • Morning Coffee – I like the daily recap of market news and highlights about various Canadian and US companies.
  • Morningstar – Good information here including analyst ratings. Where I track my portfolio for quick views/updates (when I’m not using Excel where I really track it).
  • Seeking Alpha – Lots to read here. I focus on popular articles and my favourite writers. (I am a past contributor.)
  • Select Sector SPRDs  – A great way to track which US sectors are underperforming, keeping pace with or outperforming the S&P 500 over various timeframes.
  • Stock Rover – Great tool for analyzing stocks and funds. (I don’t pay for the enhanced version, but it looks good too, and not that expensive.)
  • TMX Money – Very good for basic data on securities and a good place to find the sector for a given stock.
  • TSI Wealth Network – A good source for keeping abreast of Canadian stocks and securities. (I used to subscribe to their paid service.)
  • Visual Capitalist – Very interesting site that provides great infographics on trends in finance, economics and society.
  • Yahoo Finance – Canada – Good for researching historical values and dividends.

For Fee

  • 5i Research – I enjoy the daily Q&A with Peter Hodson and team in particular. 5i also offers three model portfolios, company reports on covered companies and company profiles with a fair bit of data.
  • Canadian MoneySaver – I like the no-nonsense and informative content at a reasonable price. Part of the 5i Research “family.” (I am a past contributor on investing in secular trends. See a couple of my past articles for free here [ecommerce] and here [water]).
  • ETF & Mutual Fund Update – Good site to learn about the ETF portfolios they have and their thoughts about market trends. Also part of the 5i Research “family.”
  • F.A.S.T. Graphs – Great way to determine if a stock is trading at fair value or not.
  • YCharts – Great tool for securities analysis. It’s like having a simplified version of a trader’s terminal at a fraction of the cost. I subscribe to the Lite Plan (the basic one.)