December 15, 2017 – It’s my quarterly trading day and what did I do?

As is my practice I only trade securities four times a year after reviewing our household portfolio performance, asset allocations, and any new ideas that I wish to act upon.

This quarter was a bit of a watershed. Today was my trading day and guess what? I did not make a single trade. 

Performance is ahead of our targeted 7% annual rate of return. Asset allocations are all close to plan. No new ideas emerged that seemed any better than those I have had before.

As I said before, it may sound boring, but I am pretty excited to be doing what I set out to do and, at least for now, being rewarded for it.

I do think sometimes the best move is no move at all.

I will do a full update on the quarter and year and post it here at in early January. Some of my ideas regarding asset allocation are evolving as we get closer to the distribution stage of our portfolio (i.e., retiring from full-time employment in the next couple of years).


June’s December 12, 2017 proposal for the OSC growth portfolio was accepted

At the December 12 OSC meeting June proposed selling all of Emera and replacing it with PNC Financial services on the OSC fantasy growth portfolio. The change was accepted by vote of the membership.

Trades will be effective at close of business, per portfolio rules, 10 business days after the vote was taken.

Her presentation is here.

OSC December 12, 2017 presentations are posted

The presentations from the December 12 OSC meeting are posted.

See John Gosson’s autonomous driving material here. My notes with a few possible ETFs to consider are here.

See June’s OSC fantasy growth portfolio trade material here.

All available OSC member and guest content is posted here.

My article on investing in the water secular trend – now available for free

With permission from Canadian MoneySaver, I am happy to provide a free copy of my article on investing in the water secular trend that was published in June 2017.

The article explores the long-term trend in water-related businesses and some investment opportunities and risks.

Here is my article: Water_Patenaude

The OSC fantasy portfolio trade from November 21, 2017 has been logged

I recorded the trade as voted on by OSC members at the November 21, 2017 meeting.

The trade was proposed by Dave. It was accepted by the Share Club.

Please note the fantasy growth and income portfolios (PDFs) will next be updated as of December 31, 2017 and will be presented at the January 2018 OSC meeting.

More here.

Jan’s OSC presentation from November 21, 2017 on Foot Locker and his sell strategy is posted

Please see Jan’s member page for his deck on the case of Foot Locker (FL) and his sell strategy considerations from the November Ottawa Share Club meeting.

Foot Locker was in the OSC fantasy income portfolio until members agreed it should be sold on November 21.

Peter McMurtry picked over 30 Canadian and US securities that went up between 10% and 143% in the last year!

Peter McMurtry (BCom, CFA), Ottawa Share Club member, financial writer and our business partner at the McMurtry Investment Report, has selected a large number of securities on both sides of the border that have achieved significant total returns in the last year.

Peter’s top 34 picks averaged a 35.5% total return in the last 12 months.

From Chartwell, with a “lowly” 10.1% return to Shopify with a whopping 142.9% return, it goes to show how owning some strong winners can generate decent total returns for your entire portfolio.

By comparison, in the last year here are the returns for major Canadian and US indexes:

  • TSX = +6.81%
  • S&P 500 = +18.0%
  • Dow Jones Industrial = +23.5%
  • NASDAQ = +28.0%

See all of Peter’s results on his website here.

Dave’s OSC fantasy income portfolio change proposal was accepted November 21, 2017

At the November 21, 2017 Share Club meeting, Dave proposed replacing Footlocker with Diversified Royalty in the OSC fantasy income portfolio.

The members voted in favour of his proposal. See Dave’s page for the presentation deck.

Shopify’s 2017 real-time Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales platform data

Shopify announced record-breaking sales on it’s merchant platform on Black Friday (November 24). At the peak almost $1,000,000 in sales per minute were reportedly being transacted on the Shopify platform, nearly double last year’s numbers.

This is reflexive of the trend this year where for the first time ever in the US, online sales have surpassed in-store sales on Black Friday. This suggests the e-commerce secular trend continues to strengthen.

This is good news for Shopify shareholders.

It is also good news for Amazon shareholders, as it reportedly saw a 24% increase in online sales year-over-year on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

What intrigued me as well as the e-commerce sales data was Shopify’s ability to publish in real-time the sales volumes on its platform using pretty cool graphics. I don’t know if this link will be active past Cyber Monday (November 27) but if you have a chance it is well worth looking at, even if you don’t own Shopify stock.

I will be curious to see how the e-commerce companies and ETFs perform as Q4 numbers roll in.

Disclaimer: I/we hold shares in Shopify (SHOP).