Peter McMurtry picked over 30 Canadian and US securities that went up between 10% and 143% in the last year!

Peter McMurtry (BCom, CFA), Ottawa Share Club member, financial writer and our business partner at the McMurtry Investment Report, has selected a large number of securities on both sides of the border that have achieved significant total returns in the last year.

Peter’s top 34 picks averaged a 35.5% total return in the last 12 months.

From Chartwell, with a “lowly” 10.1% return to Shopify with a whopping 142.9% return, it goes to show how owning some strong winners can generate decent total returns for your entire portfolio.

By comparison, in the last year here are the returns for major Canadian and US indexes:

  • TSX = +6.81%
  • S&P 500 = +18.0%
  • Dow Jones Industrial = +23.5%
  • NASDAQ = +28.0%

See all of Peter’s results on his website here.

Author: Michael

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