About money4retirement.ca


I’m Michael Patenaude, founder and host of money4retirement.ca.

I am an Ottawa-based consultant specializing in business analysis, business architecture and project portfolio management.

I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Public Administration (both from Carleton U). I am a Certified Business Analysis Professional® which helps in my consulting work.

In my spare time, I manage our household retirement strategy and portfolio (with my wife’s active involvement) and pursue a very strong interest in self-directed investing. I publish my quarterly portfolio reviews to continually re-visit and refine our household investment plan, share my experience and hopefully learn from yours with your feedback and comments.

I am also a contributor to Canadian MoneySaver and Seeking Alpha.

We started with full service investment advisors

In 1999 my wife and I set up RRSP and cash trading accounts with three full-service brokers. The portfolios, composed mainly of mutual funds, were balanced between stocks and bonds. That was shortly before the “dot-com” bubble burst which, as with many others, negatively affected our portfolio.

After the bubble burst, we watched our portfolios go sideways, with no appreciable gains, for several years.

Finally, we completely got out of the stock market just before the “Great Recession” hit in 2008 (not planned but happy it worked out that way). I put everything into cash and bonds and closed two of our three full-service accounts.

The next step in our “do-it-yourself” journey

In 2012, our remaining full service broker moved to a new institution so we decided to bring those funds under our own management. We became completely self-directed investors.

But in doing so I swore to myself I would live up to one condition – we must avoid significant losses of capital.

So I have attempted to create a “portfolio for all markets.” More about it can be found on this site (please see the links below).

I still get some advice

I am a subscriber to some investment research services (fee based) and read online sources of information regularly. I also use two or three online portfolio tracking tools. I am also active member of the Ottawa Share Club.

Why my experience might be relevant to you

I have learned that having realistic objectives, focusing on managing risk, and diversifying holdings are all vital – and about all you can expect to control in your financial undertakings.

In our portfolio strategy and plan I have laid out our retirement objectives, our risk tolerance and our asset allocation. I also discuss the process I follow when conducting portfolio reviews.

Maybe these topics will be of interest to you too.

Why did I create money4retirement.ca?

For me, market research and investing are necessary activities. But investing is also a hobby I enjoy. And I always try to stay open to learning about the real life expectations and experiences of other do-it-yourself investors.

I’ve found that by researching and then writing about my portfolio and plans I discover ideas and obtain feedback I can learn from.

I admit it takes a bit of nerve to expose one’s own plans and subject them to the scrutiny of strangers. But it generally pays off by surfacing flaws in thinking or missed opportunities – or by confirming sound ideas.

Collective experience and multiple points of view are not to be underestimated. Hence our motto here at money4retirement.ca: Share and prosper.

Why the Ottawa Share Club fantasy portfolios?

The opportunity to facilitate and host the OSC crowdsourced fantasy portfolios lets me learn along with others as these portfolios are developed and evolve.

I am particularly interested to see if the combined efforts of groups of investors, like the Ottawa Share Club, can lead to superior portfolio performance. It is an experiment in shared experience.

In conclusion….

The opportunity to plan, organize and host money4retirement.ca allows me to learn even more. That is the raison-d’etre of money4retirement.ca.

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to participate with comments and feedback.

money4retirement.ca was founded May 22, 2012 and this website was started November 16, 2015. money4retirement.ca is a division of Beyond the Source Inc., my and my wife’s consulting company.

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