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About the Ottawa Share Club

The Ottawa Share Club (OSC) was founded in 1996. The OSC is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the sharing of financial knowledge. Its mission is to share investment resources and related experiences to enhance members’ varied levels of personal finance and investment knowledge. It is not an investment club.

Its motto: “Share knowledge not capital.”

The Ottawa Share Club is open to new participants and members. Feel free to download the new participant/member document here (PDF format).

The OSC is a participant in the Canadian Financial Learning and Investing Network, a group of share clubs across Canada.


The OSC has at least eight evening meetings a year covering many topics and features guest speakers, member presentations and round-table discussions. View the OSC meeting schedule for dates and times of all OSC meetings.

Presentations, tools and other information

On our website we feature OSC member content, guest presentations, tools and other information where generous individuals provide their own information for the benefit of other investors. See both professional presentations and member material about a wide range of topics including: Steven Brown’s updated Retirement Forecaster, approaches to portfolio management, how to construct a portfolio, how to pick dividend stocks, industry focus, stock focus, the OSC fantasy portfolio reports, the tax treatment of registered accounts in the event of death, Norbert’s gambit, preferred shares and much more.

Fantasy portfolios

The OSC has created a fantasy growth and fantasy income portfolio using a “crowd-sourced” approach. They are used for information and fun. These fantasy portfolios, for growth and income, by their very name and nature, are fictional and do not involve real money. They do not constitute investment advice nor a solicitation to buy or sell securities.

Members can propose fantasy portfolio trades to be discussed and voted on at OSC meetings. It’s a great opportunity to observe and participate in various asset selection techniques brought to you by Club members for the benefit of other Club members. To date these discussions have featured asset allocation approaches, fundamental analysis, stock picking and technical analysis.

See the latest information about the OSC fantasy growth and income portfolios and feel free to join the discussion forum.

Feel free to join us

Or better still come out to a Share Club meeting in Ottawa and participate in person (or virtually).

To join our mailing list and receive Club emails with meeting notifications please contact: ottawashareclub [at] gmail [dot] com.


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